By signing below Employee agrees to the above terms. Employee further agrees to any Paycom Terms of Use for Direct Deposit Services as may be amended from time to time. Employee agrees that Paycom reserves the right to reverse direct deposit of funds paid in error. It is the employee s responsibility to verify funds deposited into such account s before performing transactions on those funds. In the event employee does not agree to the above terms employee should not sign this Agreement and...
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So we're going to get started today with how to log into Paycom for the very first time. This is going to be based off of login information that was sent to you either via email from your HR team, or directly through a phone call through HR team as well. This information should have already been sent over to you. It states how to get into the system, what website to go to, your username, and temporary password. We're going to go ahead and show you how to use that I'm going to up here at the top of the browser. When you get in here you're going to go ahead hover over the login button and then click on employee. Next we're going to have you enter in the information that is a unique to you. Perfect, and it brings us into this area. So the first thing we're going to have you do is note your employee self-service. This is your entire employee self service portal. The first thing we want to do is make it sure that this information is unique to you. If you log in and see this is not your name up here in the top left hand side, please let your team know so that we can get that resolved. You will see your position, email, and possibly even a phone number here down below. The next thing we have you do is go over at any time to the health and settings menu. We're going to show you some resources available to you. By clicking on this you can see that I'm going into the help menu. It actually shows you a different documentation, manuals on how to navigate the system in more detailed fashion By clicking on any of these it actually shows you a different manual and step-by-step process on how to do different things within the system. For example: With anything with time off request if you have questions on that. Go ahead and click on the manuals at any time. By clicking on one of these it will populate with a manual shows you how to go in there and request time off. to give you an example of what it looks like let's scroll through this a bit. You can see here the have some screenshots of how to log into the system, showing you what buttons to select, and so on and so forth. And again to access that we went to "Help and Settings" menu and clicked on help. So to get back to the home screen any time we're going to click on the Paycom icon at the top left hand side. We're going to back to here. Also in the "Help and Settings" menu you will notice that the change password and address and contact info are two separate fields as well. I always recommend having every employee go in there and verify that your address and contact information is correct. If you need to change your password to something a little bit more memorable please do so as well. So once that's taken care of, I'm going to have you go ahead and look over here to the notifications side. This will be any notifications in the system that might be relating to you. So if your HR team sends you out a document to sign off on, or if your HR team lets you know...